The Boston Celtics to a man all thought that Tuesday was supposed to be good for them.  After all they had a 3-2 lead after winning two in a row. 

 Now, it’s on to Thursday and there is no guarantee that the moment will be there's.

They were dealt with possibly two losses in Game 6; the first was reflected in the score, the second might be Kendrick Perkins and their confidence. Perk and KG are the ying and yang of the Celtic defense. 

It was obvious his injury affected their play, but the Lakers had already seized control of the game before that.

Both teams’ centers have knee issues and they will try to make a cameo appearance in Thursdays' game. 

The 'big man' battle has now become a Mano y Mano affair between Pau Gasol and Kevin Garnett.  

Since the Finals began, this was considered the premier match-up, that these two would determine the 2010 championship. It may very well come back to that first premise, Gasol made his run on Tuesday. 

Boston came out like they had the Larry O'Brien Trophy in hand already and it snowballed from there.  The word 'ubuntu' was not in any of the players vocabulary as they all tried to win the game on their own.  

Meanwhile, the oft maligned one-man Lake Show, Kobe Bryant attacked early and kept his teammates involved. This time they were ready for that moment.

The Laker bench had tremendous energy and the Celtics were never a threat after the first quarter.  Ron Artest was very aggressive on the offensive end and the Celtics never made the adjustments.

It was shocking to see the Celtics unsure of what they needed to do. The normally crisp ball movement faltered in the face of added pressure.  

Rajon Rondo faced some chin music from Ron Artests' elbows and a normally stoic Rondo looked shaken and stirred. 

Did they think that Phil Jackson would not have his team ready to work hard?

Maybe the Celtics came to L.A. thinking about two games to get one win. That kind of attitude is what finds them in a Game 7.

The good news is the Celtics have Rasheed Wallace and Glen 'Big Baby' Davis to add to the fray. The bad news is that they will have to throw Sheldon Williams in that mix and have to deal more with ‘sheeds’ volatile temper.  

The Celtics will do what they have done all season and try to bounce back after a clueless game.

A Hollywood ending is still possible, let's hope that the boys in green are the ones who are writing that ending.