Phil Jacksons' Game five statements were prophetic as his Lakers won their 16th championship against the Boston Celtics.

Once again Celtics regular season habit of not paying attention in the fourth quarter came back to haunt them. 

The Lakers pounded them on the boards and that was what denied them to get banner 18.  Kendrick Perkins was certainly missed as the Celtics could not contend with the Laker big men. 

Boston had beautiful ball movement in the first three quarters.  Once they got the lead they started that ridiculous iso play with Paul Pierce at the top of the key.

This caused them to run their offense against a set defense and took everyone out of their offensive rhythm.  Pierce fell into his hero ball mode and that was it, the Celtics fell out of tune.

Ray Allen never recovered from his shooting slump and inexplicably fouled Kobe Bryant on a three-point shot. Something he did in almost every game of the series.

The Celtics went off on individual tangents and did not heed Doc's pleas to trust the process. 

The most disappointing thing was that Rajon Rondo did not take over when the team needed him too, he fell back into his defer to Pierce mode.  

Rondo has to reevaluate his leadership skills and come back with the attitude that he can make things happen for the Celtics.

Danny Ainge has a lot to think about as the 'Big Three' cannot come back as constituted.  

It wasn't a pretty game and Boston had no one to blame but themselves for failing to put a body on any Laker.  Give the Lakers credit, with Perkins hobbled on the sideline they owned the paint.

Kobe Bryant did not have a particularly good night and who would have thought that Ron Artest would carry the offensive load?

No one should be disappointed in the way the teams played; to paraphrase Rasheed Wallace 'both teams played hard'.