Celtic mystique is steeped in the grainy black and white footage of Bill Russell, the tape delay broadcasts of the Larry Bird era and the raspy voice of Johnny Most.

Today's fans were either to young when tradition was strong or weren't even born yet.  They didn't know what it meant to shake the rafters with 'Beat L.A.’ chants.  They didn't have the connection to the history that laid the foundation for this championship driven franchise.

As a result NBA free agents politely declined any overtures by the Celtics to recruit them.

Even when they won the 2008 championship you got the feeling that Celtic nation still did not get it.  Let's face it this modern day incarnation of our boys green had to build a case to ensure their legacy. One championship means nothing when you are a Celtic.

Red Auerbach was no longer there to remind them of their green-given inalienable rights and Danny Ainge was just coming into his own.

Make no mistake, the stogy driven hand print of Auerbach is all over this team.  He gave his blessing to Rivers as a coach and he loved the addition of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.  He was called home by the basketball gods before he could witness Boston's return to glory.

Boston is not a team to build its team around the latest NBA trend; they wear the same style uniform as Havlicek, Cousy, Russell and Bird.  The only differences being their shorts are a little bit longer.  That is the only sign of modern influence on this team. 

The Celtics embrace players who love to compete and are willing to believe in team play.  These players propel their run through the 2010 playoff season and a bid to win a second title in three years.

Nate Robinson finally 'got it' and was able to spark the Celtics to a game six win.  In the process the new Celtic fan-base made the TD Garden and unwelcome place for the Magic.

They now understand what their grandparents, parents and any other relative who was fortunate to witness basketball greatness was trying to tell them.

That the Boston Celtics are back in the NBA Finals ready to give their fan base what has always been theirs to have: Another opportunity to get an NBA Championship. 

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