The Boston Celtics have returned the core of their team roster; however they have taken a significant hit in the coaching department.  

Clifford Ray the resident big man coach that has coached the likes of Carlos Boozer, P.J. Brown, Dwight Howard, and Kendrick Perkins was not rehired.

The common denominator here is that his past two protege's Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins have been unable to develop a go-to-move under Ray's tutelage.

Boston's bigs are comprised of battle tested veterans who are able to show Glen Davis and the other younger players what it takes.  This also saves the Celtics some money on the coaching front, because now they have the luxury of allowing the veterans to police the likes of Davis.  

This not a significant loss on the coaching front, but "Uncle Cliffy" will be missed because he was well respected throughout the league.

Tom Thibodeau finally got his much deserved chance by having the luxury of coaching another up and coming point guard in the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose.  

It will be interesting to see how Thibodeau's intimate knowledge of the Celtics plays out when they face each other.

These two loses on the coaching staff leaves a significant hole in experience and defensive identity for the Celtics.

During summer league play, Lawrence Frank was shown on NBATV talking several times with Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge.  The result as was speculated, Frank being added to the Celtics coaching staff.

The Celtics have enhanced the team’s ability to stay near the top and retain their trademark defense during the Paul Pierce era with the Frank signing.  

Frank was known for his defensive innovations when he was coaching the Jason Kidd ran New Jersey Nets. The Celtics were caught in that buzz saw of a two year run with the 2004-2005 New Jersey Nets.

It never resulted in a championship, because of his weak offensive schemes. He suddenly finds himself back in a position to maybe get that elusive championship.

He has a lot to learn on the offensive side of the ball, but he does have a comparable defensive mindset to Thibodeau.

One thing for sure if Doc Rivers ever gets thrown out of a game, he will not freeze like Thibodeau did last year in crucial situations.

Danny Ainge and the Celtic brass understand that this is Doc River's final year with the green.  They do not want to have the distraction of having to find a coach beyond next year.

Lawrence will be able to learn from watching Doc Rivers, who is a mastermind of designing plays on the fly.  

He will also have a young point guard, in Rajon Rondo who has championship experience and a high basketball IQ who will make it that much easier for him.