The NBA is littered with stars and wannabe stars who just don't have the mental fortitude to be the one to carry a team.  

Some are hampered by injury others by the people surrounding them and their unwillingness to push themselves beyond their natural abilities. Others simply can't find the right situation that would allow them to display their skills.

The dog days of summer are the ideal times for those whose stars have dimmed slightly to find a home.

Elite teams find it particularly hard if they have a less than ideal locale to attract them.

Players will always want to join the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat; whereas others find it hard to accept minimal pay to go to places like Boston.

The lack of glitz and Hollywood star power seems to drive top free agents away.  

Tony Allen, the mercurial ex-Celtic wingman chose warmth and money over the lure of another championship.

There was hope that Ronnie Brewer, Matt Barnes, and even Kwame Brown would join the green. Those options quickly dwindled away after Brewer joined his pals Kyle Korver and Carlos Boozer in Chicago.

Brown and Barnes are being offered slightly more on the open market than Danny Ainge could afford.  

It is also very puzzling that Ainge, a normally shrewd tactician would allow T.A., to go to Memphis without compensation.

Names like Rasual Butler and Antoine Wright are being bandied about, and Ryan Gomes isn't even mentioned as a possibility.

Now that the Michael Finley experiment is over, let's make room for another former Spur, Roger Mason. Mason is younger, and, unlike Finley, can actually move his feet on defense.

Josh Howard's name has come in the conversation a lot lately. The Wizards have an abundant of young talent, and Danny may be able to swing a two-for-one deal by picking up a future second-round pick.

I would love to put Tracy McGrady here, but he has Miami Heat written all over him to me.

Boston is still in need of a big man, and former New Jersey Net Josh Boone is still available. He will get you rebounds and defend the paint and is an athletic big body, something the Celtics have been sorely lacking.

The Celtics did manage to retain the services of Nate Robinson, a move that I believe will pay dividends. Robinson will now have a full training camp to absorb the offensive and defensive schemes.

Celtics management has done well to keep the core group together, however, Paul Pierce is still nervous about the recent lack of activity in the free agency market. He did praise management for keeping Nate and acquiring Jermaine O'Neal.

There are still decent players out there, and the Tony Allen defection places more of a premium on the player who will replace him.