The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to accomplish something only the Boston Celtics have done in this series so far, win two games in a row.

This would be a tall order for any other team but the Lakers have 'The Mamba,' Kobe Bryant, and home court advantage on their side. Those things alone may make the Lakers championship dreams a reality.

The Celtics and the Lakers are well coached and both have brought a championship pedigree to the chase for the gold ball.

It's Kobe Bryant wanting to further distance himself from Shaquille O'Neal by winning one more championship without him.  

For Paul Pierce, he will continue the story of hometown boy who made his fame and fortune on the back of a historic rivalry.

Tonight's Game 6 is a must win for everyone.  For the Celtics this is their best chance to get banner 18.

The Lakers may still be reeling from having their first two game losing streak and will be looking to protect home-court.

Every other Laker not named Kobe has regressed as the Celtics seem to be a more cohesive group.

Pau Gasol has spent the better part of the year trying to dispel the "llama" label that he had been tagged with. It seems like he has reverted back to playing soft; he is shooting 15 and 18 foot jump shots with alarming frequency.

To his credit he is making them, but with Andrew Bynum's injury he needs to obtain squatters rights in the paint.

Beyond Lamar Odom the Laker bench gets very small and Phil Jackson has gotten little production from them so far.   A little bit of home-cooking may help in that regard.

The last two games in Boston saw a different hero step-up every night for the men in green. They have been playing a more free flowing game and it shows.

Paul Pierce has found ways to untangle himself from Ron Artests' defensive vice grip. His scoring average has gotten better in each game of the series with an opportunity for more in Game 6.

Kevin Garnett has regained his alpha-dog status over Gasol, he finally broke free for his most KG-like moments in Game 5.

Ray Allen has been struggling offensively, but he is harassing Kobe Bryant into difficult shots.

Rondo seems to be regaining some health and speed with the emergence of Nate Robinson. This can only bode well for the Celtics in Game 6 if Rondo can successfully push the ball they have a better chance of winning.

For the Lakers that means a little less ‘Black Mamba’ and a lot more Kobe.   No one is expecting him to defer much, but it would help if he takes his teammates along for the ride. 

The Celtics have options that can be scouted but it will still not give you an accurate picture. Their offensive attack is the one exhibiting the striking nature of Kobe’s self-described nickname, ‘The Black Mamba’.  

The nature of these 2010 Finals has made it hard to determine the winner and it isn’t about to get any easier in Game 6.