The Boston Celtics accomplished something they have been unable to do since the return of their championship ways. They were able to retain what they had considered major acquisitions to their bench in Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson. 

Last season's summer acquisition of Marquis Daniels was considered a shrewd move by Celtic management. At 6'8" tall, Daniels sinewy build belies a steely strength. He is a slasher much like Tony Allen; difference being T.A. will beat you with his quickness and athleticism. Daniels looks like he goes by the numbers with each step he takes.

His nondescript moves makes his moments on the court seem almost blasé’ but when you look at the box score he has somehow managed to affect the game across the board.

Let's face it, after a blistering start that had the Celtics positively giddy about him, injuries derailed what was once a promising season. Allen was able to firmly entrench himself as the defensive stopper and Marquis was suddenly an afterthought.

It seemed like he lost his confidence as T.A. made sure he was front and center in his contract year. We all wondered why Danny Ainge didn't give T.A. that third year, but I thing he did the right thing. His history of becoming unhinged in critical game situations started to manifest itself the deeper they got into the playoffs. 

Yet Daniels was unable to take advantage of T.A.’s mental lapses on the court. a bizarre injury resulting in a concussion sealed his fate.

At the end of the season Daniels sounded like a man who couldn't get away from Causeway Street.

As the summer waned free-agents on par with him were getting ridiculous contracts because of the War of The Worlds atmosphere that the high powered free agents caused.  

Every team who cleared space for this humdinger and were left with cash but no superstar went crazy.  Players like Hakim Warrick and Rudy Gay got insane deals that they wouldn't ordinarily have gotten on the market. 

Even Amir Johnson got in on this momentary loss of insanity by NBA owners, so it was only natural that Daniels would get a bigger piece of the pie than what the Celtics offered.

His semi-big payday didn't happen and he came back to the Green a move that may still pay dividends for Boston. He has a chance to prove that last year was an anomaly and he is indeed the defensive wing that Boston needs.